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Jungle Doctor's Tug-of-war (jungle Doctor's Animal Stories)

Jungle Doctors Tugofwar


Author: Paul White

Jungle Doctor's Tug-of-war is a must own children's book. Written by Paul White and it was published by CF4K. The book became available sometime in 2010. The children's book is 96 pages long. To buy a copy at the lowest price, visit the add to cart button below.

Even by monkey standards, young Toto is pretty dim! But as for who wins, that's one more story! However, Toto soon finds himself inside the middle of a tug-of-war, for his real friends, Elephant, Giraffe, Parrot and Hornbill are determined to rescue him from the clutches from the jungle underworld. As the tug-of-war gets harder, we meet Toto's cousins Sticki, who features a sweet tooth, and Stoni, who is usually short of pocket money, not to mention their Uncle Goldi, who has an excessive amount of of it! Those baddies in the jungle, Crunch the Crocodile, Mbisi the Hyena, Slinki the Jackal, Vibi the Vulture and Gnark the crow look as though they are going to have an easy time finishing him off.


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